Alloura Promise
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    Alloura Promise

    We're so confident in our fragrances that if you use our perfume or cologne for 30 days and your confidence & attraction doesn't increase, then we will issue you a 100% refund on your purchase (Terms Below)
    In order to receive the refund you must provide us proof that you have tried to use our products for 30 days in one of the ways listed:
    1) Send us your TikTok or Instagram account of you using the fragrance and testing it out for the 30 day time frame.
    2) Multiple photos or reels showing that you sprayed the fragrance on and tested it out in a 30 day time frame. 
    *Dates must be present in videos*
    In order to initiate this process please email us at
    *If you do not qualify we can happily refund 25% of your order*